CitriTwist Reamer + Stem Metal Spritzer Bundle

CitriTwist Citrus Reamer + Stem Citrus Spritzer.


CitriTwist is a reamer that extracts every last drop of juice without making a mess. It's easy on the eyes, and even easier on food and drink prep. Its hollow, twisted form allows the juice to drip down the inside walls instead of your hands.

Dimensions: 12.5cm length x 4.5cm width x 20cm depth

Materials: aluminum, plastic, rubber


Stem sprays juice directly from any citrus fruit with the press of a finger - no cutting or skinning required. Stem's serrated teeth allow for simple insertion into all types of citrus fruit, its nozzle sprays onto food and drinks evenly, and its body comes apart for easy cleaning.

Dimensions: 3.6" height x 1" depth

Materials: aluminum



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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review